Friday, May 1, 2009

It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's

A Robe and Goggle Wearing, Chopstick Swinging, Super Hero!

8 Months Old

Dear Isabella,

Here I sit again. You are 8 months old today. I love that you were born on the first of the month. As each month begins, I feel as if a new stage is beginning in your life. You continue to be a Momma's Girl. And you continue to learn new things each day. This month you learned to wave hi and bye and you are working on clapping your hands. You have the idea, but just can't quite make contact. You are officially sitting up - you like to sit on the floor and play with your toys (as long as I am sitting right there with you). You don't have any interest in crawling or rolling, which makes my life a little easier. I know the time is coming when I am going to be chasing you around....
You love having dance parties with Alex and me. Sometimes I hold you and dance around the room. Sometimes I stand you up, and you bounce and bounce. You have gotten 5 teeth in three weeks! The first couple were pretty tough - you were fussy for a few days, but now you are handling it much better. You love Cheerios. You eat them all day. You think you are so cool picking up each Cheerio and putting it in your mouth and chewing it like it is a piece of steak. You do a good job, although sometimes I look over and you have Cheerios stuck to your face! You love apple juice in a bottle, but will still not drink soy formula or water. (I won't tell you that I water down that apple juice so much that it is water with a shot of juice in it!) You love taking baths in the kitchen sink. Last week it was so warm, I opened the kitchen window and you sat in the sink and splashed and splashed.

We have welcomed Spring this month. You love being outside, which means we should buy some stock in sunscreen! You are the fairest one of all.... We have been playing on the deck and taking walks in the stroller and in the wagon. We rock on our front porch rocking chairs. Last week we sat on the front porch and watched a thunderstorm roll in!

You celebrated your first Easter this month. We went to the beach for the weekend with the John side of the family and then came home and had Easter dinner at Nana and Pop Pop's house.
You and I also had our first girl's road trip. We drove to New Jersey to visit "the cousins" and say goodbye to Steph - she went to live in Australia for two years. You also met three of Grandma Mela's sisters. It was so wonderful to see you with them. They fell in love at first sight. It made me feel so good to realize how deep family love goes, and that it only takes a minute for someone to fall in love with you...but then again I already knew that.

I love you Moo Moo,


Her face is a map of the world
Is a map of the world
You can see she's a beautiful girl
She's a beautiful girl
And everything around her is a silver pool of light
The people who surround her feel the benefit of it
It makes you calm
She holds you captivated in her palm
-KT Tunstall