Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Alex's Hair Through the Years

Alex at 1 - Bald Baby

Alex at 2 1/2 after his first haircut
Alex at 3 -The Wave

Alex at 3 1/2 - Surfer Dude

Alex at 4 - The Flop

Alex at 4 1/2 - my big boy

He's Going to Be a Soccer Player...He is....

Last week Alex had his first experience playing sports. He participated in a week-long soccer camp put on by UK Elite. He was a little leary about playing in the weeks leading up to it, but let me tell you...he loved it! He went right out there and kicked and ran and kicked and ran some more. And boy did he sweat! It was so hot, but he didn't complain. He listened to his coach and played some really fun games, all while learning some important soccer skills.

We are so proud of our little man. He was such a great team player. He learned how to dribble, stop the ball, and even how to steal the ball. I think his favorite part was when Momma was the goalie and he got to kick the soccer ball AT me!

One day after practice, he told me (in true Alex form) that he liked soccer, but he doesn't like to "sweat or run." Ha! We signed him up for rec soccer in the fall - hopefully it will be cooler so he won't sweat so much, but not sure what we are going to do about the running part. Maybe we have a goalie on our hands?!