Saturday, October 13, 2012

9 Months Old


It is Saturday morning and you and I are the only ones awake. Happy 9 Month birthday!  Three quarters of a year.  And it has been an amazing nine months.  This past month has been one of the most exciting months for you little man.  This is the month my life of sitting and holding you came to an end.  You are officially on the move...and into everything!!!  In one week you learned to go from laying down to sitting up and from sitting to being able to pull yourself to stand up.  And you are officially crawling. I can't take my eyes off of you for a second.  If fact, as I am typing this we are sitting in the playroom, and you are getting into all your sister's toys.  I am constantly picking up little pieces of stuff and tiny parts of toys off the floor, because I know if I don't find them you will.  And you are quick!  I can put you down in the family room and within minutes you crawl all the way to the back door.  You love for daddy to take you out to see the pond, so no matter where you are that is always where you end up, at that door. You haven't found the steps yet (thank goodness), but I am sure it won't be long.  Inquistive is the best word to describe you at nine months.

Real time update: You are dumping all of Isabella's doll clothes out of the armoire.  

This month you also got not one but two bottom teeth (on the same day!) And this month you decided you didn't want to nurse anymore.  I am so so sad about it, but I am trying to not take it personally. You like to sit and drink your bottles at your own pace and be able to look out at what is going on in the world.  I miss nursing, but my favorite times are when you drink the first and last bottles of the day, because that is when we sit quietly and is the only time you sit still during the day anymore.

Real time update:  Alex is up, you gave up on the baby doll clothing and are crawling across the room to get your big brother.

Our days are busy, little man.  But you are such a good boy. After your morning bottle and cuddle, we wake up Alex and Isabella.  We go into their beds and you crawl all over them and pat their faces and pull their hair.  Then you eat breakfast - your favorite these days are blueberry waffles and pancakes.  We spend a lot of time in the morning playing on the floor in your room and in the family room.  We take the kids to school and then its nap time for you!  After nap, we eat lunch and pick up Isabella from school.  Then we play some more or maybe run an errand.  By the way, errands take forever with you. We went to Wegmans yesterday, and you sat in the cart like a big boy.  You thought you were too cool!  And so did everyone else.  At least seven people stopped and talked to you.  And you loved it.  You are my little flirt. It is so sweet, but you are so friendly that it takes us twice as long to get anything done, because you are so busy smiling and "talking" to everyone. You usually take an afternoon nap and then wake up in time to get Alex off the bus.  Then we play some more.  Alex and Isabella help me take care of you, so I can make dinner.  We try to always eat dinner as a family at the table.  You sit in your highchair and like to eat "real" food.  You can put away some macaroni and cheese! Then it is bath time - you love to splash.  You laugh and laugh! We put on your pjs and then snuggle on the rocking chair.  Sometimes I read you a book.  Sometimes I sing to you.  Sometimes I just sit quietly and look at you.  You have changed so much over the last nine months.  It is so bittersweet watching you as you get so big. I would do anything to freeze time, but I know that is not impossible.  So with one more kiss, and then maybe just one more, I put you in the crib and you go right to sleep! 
Real time update: After climbing all over Alex, now you are back across the room chewing on a piece of Isabella's doll house! Isabella just came down and said, "Good morning, Zackie. Don't chew on that.  You will choke."  She gently took it away from you.

A few other things about this month I want you to know...
  • You went apple picking. You gobbled up the homemade applesauce.
  • You went to the farm.  You loved the piggies and the cow and sitting on the tractor with daddy.
  • You went on your first hayride with your buddy Grayson.
  • You cheered on the Orioles - they made the playoffs for the first time in 15 years!
  • You love balls - you have a little basketball that you "throw" and crawl after.
  • You celebrated Poppy's 85th birthday and Grandma's birthday too!
  • You spent your Sundays at your grandparents' houses with your families
  • You say "da da da" all day long.  I think you love him best.
  • You love to chase Charlie.  Sometimes you even catch him.
  • Your favorite tricks are waving "hi," cheering "yay" and doing "so big."
  • Your cousins and brother and sister all want to hold you and hug you...all the time. 
  • You are one of the boys! You always want to be where Jake, Luke and Alex are...I am in trouble!
  • You love to play peek-a-boo.  You hide your face.  We say, "Where's Zachary?" You sit up and laugh and laugh.
Real time update:  Now daddy is up. (Yes, the last one to wake up, as always). He picked you up and you are sitting in his lap. I love watching you with daddy. You still look so little when he is holding you.

Happy first autumn my sweetheart.  Can't wait to see what the next month has in store for us!
I love you so much, my growing boy!