Saturday, July 13, 2013

18 Months Old


When I think that 18 months ago, I was on bed rest, I have to laugh.  I hated every minute of it. I was worried about you, I was restless, I was bored out of my mind. HA!  18 months later, what I wouldn't give for a little rest...

You, my little Z, never sit still.  I chase you around the house, the yard, the pool, the beach every waking moment of the day! We call you our little "troublemaker" (lovingly, of course).  If there is mischief to be found, you find it! If there is a puddle, you jump in it. If there is a chair, you climb on it. If there is a ball or food or a toy, you throw it.  You fuss to go "outside" and are happiest walking around the yard with a lacrosse stick in hand.  You even know how to cradle.  Daddy is thrilled.  You love feeding the "fish" and riding on the "golf cart" to the "pool." If you are in the house, you refuse to play with toys or watch a show.  Instead you like to empty my cabinets and throw everything in the "trash." 

You say, "Momma. Momma. Momma" over and over and over when you want something until I figure out what it is that you are asking for at the moment.  Like most kids, you do not like the word, "No." You want to be on the go, and I hear "get down" if I try to pick you up.

You are talking more and more.  You ask for a "bagel" and "cream cheese" for breakfast.  You ask for your "milk" or "water," and if  I hand you the wrong cup, I better duck because it is getting thrown. You know all your body parts and you can count to three.  You always ask to "brush teeth" and you love "big bird." You love to cuddle "bun bun"when you go "night night."

You are Mr. Social.  I always say that no one is a stranger to you.  You smile that big goofy smile and win over everyone you meet. But no one loves you more than your family.  We all love you to pieces. "Al-ee" and "Bell-ba"think you are the best baby in the world.  I agree. The best. The most active.  The cutest. The happiest.   And I don't think I ever met another person who wouldn't agree with me.

Happy half birthday Zac-a-doodle.
Love you,