Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Alex gave me the best gift in the world today...he sat all cuddled up next to me in church for the whole mass. (Isabella lasted about 30 minutes, but that is okay too.) On the other side of me was my mother, and next to her, my grandmother. Behind me was my sister. I felt so blessed. It was the best gift I could ever ask for on Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is an amazing day. I love being both a mother and a daughter (and a sister and a granddaughter) on this day. I have had such beautiful role models in my life, and I hope and pray that one day my children say the same thing about me. I remember being a young child and growing up with my mother being patient and kind and loving. I always knew (and still know) that she loved her children more than anything...and the feelings I have for my own children cannot be put into words. They are beautiful and ornery and loving and frustrating. They are the reasons my heart beats. And as I sat in church today, I prayed for them that they always know no matter what they do or where they are, their momma loves them.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

20 Months Old

Isabella - You are 20 months old! I cannot even tell you where the last few months have gone. Two is right around the corner. You have become such a chatterbox. All of a sudden you have so many words. You repeat everything. And that little voice of yours is just too cute to describe although I have to write down some of the things you say. Time as you will see goes too quickly and I don't want to forget....

I call you Little Miss Manners because whenever you ask for something you say "pease" (please) and you always say "thanks mom."

You always want your snacks in a "bowl."

You can recognize your name when it is written and you call yourself, "Belba." You call Gabrielle "Babe" and Nicki "Nee Nee."

When you are hurt you only want "Al-ee" to make it all better, except of course if he is the one who hurts you. Then you love to tell on him - he usually denies everything! Ahhh siblings!

When I ask you where Alex is, you say "cool" (school). And you tell me that Daddy's at "work."

Your favorite books are any with animals and flaps. And you love Napping House.

You love having your toenails painted and "pee-pops" (lollipops/Popsicles).

And I love you. Goodnight Sweet Girl!

PS - Here are some other words/phrases you can say:
Help Me
Ook (Luke)
So-pee (Sophie)
Fin-me (Finley)
Mae-Mae (Mason)
Pray (Preslee)
WaWa (Laura)
Pop Pop
Gabba (Yo Gabba Gabba - your favorite show)
Most animal sounds
Nae-Nae (Nathan)
wa-wa (water)
ou-side (outside)
pink/purple (everything is the color pink or purple even if it isn't)