Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh Alex, Where Did You Come From?

I swear the things that come out of this boy's mouth....

Scenario #1
Alex has been begging me to teach him to read for several weeks. I told him that Grandma was getting some books together to help us, since she used to teach Kindergarten. A few days before we got the books, he asked me to read something to him. I did. He responded, It isn't fair that you can read and I can't. I told him that we could start working on learning to read. He said, Nah. Let's just wait for Grandma's books. She knows how to teach. I proceeded to tell him that before I became his servant, I mean Mother, I was a teacher and that I DO have my Master's Degree in Reading. He said he would still wait.

Well, we got Grandma's books and have been working on our sounds and sight words. I get giddy when he reads words and even some sentences to me. I am so proud. So, yesterday we took some of his reading "work" to show Grandma. He was naming things that start with a "c" sound. I said, Mommy's favorite drink starts with C. He said, A, a, alcohol. Alcohol doesn't start with c. No, Alex, I was talking about coffee.

Scenario #2
Alex and Isabella inevitably become needy little creatures everyday just as I am starting dinner. They want me to fix them snacks, refill drinks, come see yet another advertisement on television of something they need!!! After dinner tonight, I was cleaning up the kitchen. Alex and Isabella were in the playroom with Jay. After a few minutes, Alex came in and said, Mom, did you notice? We are giving you a few minutes to yourself. Thanks, buddy!

Scenario #3
Today, Alex and I were talking about how he was a Christmas Baby. And I told him that he is the best Christmas gift ever. He said, Mom. I am not a gift. I said that he was...he was my special gift. He thought about it for a minute and said, Yea, I guess you are right. I was a gift from God.

You are right, my dear boy. You are a crazy, goofy, intelligent little gift from God. I guess I got my answer to the title of this post.