Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Halfway to 5!


Tomorrow you will be FOUR AND A HALF YEARS OLD. You are growing and changing into a true little boy right before my eyes. When you sit in my lap, I realize that gone is that chubby little baby and here to stay is a lanky boy with long legs that seem never to end. But you still love to cuddle (when you are in the mood) and I don't care how big you are, you will always fit on my lap.

You are a challenge - your wit and your stubbornness get you in lots of trouble. You like to push your limits and some days not much I do is right. We butt heads as I know we will do for years to come. You mimic me, you tease your sister, you back talk your daddy. But at the end of the day, I know you know how much I love you. And I know even though you get frustrated at me for my rules and expectations, one day you will thank me...(I wonder how many times that phrase will come out of my mouth in your lifetime?)

You continue to learn everyday. You can write many letters, you love to do addition problems, you are swimming like a fish, you are a natural in the ocean, you are learning to fish and play "the cross" (Lacrosse), you love to do science experiments and art projects, you are making friends, you fight bedtime every night, you are a wheeler and a dealer - always trying to argue your case, you have an imagination that exceeds most, you love to dance - the robot is your signature move, you want to be "cool," you are interested in books - in fact we just finished reading your first chapter book (I read, you listened. I worried that the format of a chapter book might be over your head, but when the teacher in me couldn't resist asking you comprehension questions, you could answer them even though the book is on at least a third grade level).

You love. Deeply. Especially your sister. She is your biggest fan and your bestest friend (besides Daddy). You are fiercely loyal. You say you are sorry when you hurt someones feelings. You want to be a friend to other kids, and are learning the ins and outs of getting along with others.

You are my baby boy - from the minute I conceived you to this very minute as I listen to you singing in your bed (you are supposed to be asleep) and for the rest of your will always be my first-born, my counterpart, my son.

I love you,