Saturday, December 27, 2008

1st Christmas

Christmas 2005
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Christmas 2008

One Year Ago...

It was one year ago today that I found out I was pregnant. I took a pregnancy test as I was about to get in the shower, even though I felt for sure it was going to be negative AGAIN this month. When I got out of the shower, I held the test in my shaking hand and sure enough there was the faintest of faint lines. I was pregnant. I ran downstairs to the basement calling to Jay in a slightly hysterical tone...I showed him the test, and of course he wasn't convinced. So off to Walmart we went to buy some more. Again the lines were so faint, we almost couldn't see them. I went to the lab and had blood work done, only to be told not to go on my vacation (as I was on the plane) because they thought it was a good possibility I would miscarry. Well, I went on that vacation with my husband, my beautiful son, and our family. I had a good time, and I prayed a lot. And when I got back home, I was still pregnant. And a year later, my perfect little girl is sleeping soundly next to her daddy...and my life is complete.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I am thinking I better write some of the funny things Alex says down so I don't forget them.

  • Jay put salmon cream cheese on Alex's bagel. Alex took a bite and said, "Yum. I like sushi-bagels."
  • When Alex is doing wants to do something he says, "Yes, I am." When he doesn't want to do something he says, "No, I am'nt."
  • Today after brushing his teeth he said, "Look Momma, my teeth are sparkly-clean. Now they are ready to crunch."

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sorry, Isabella

Well, it looks as if the Class of 2027 will have a lot girls with your name. Isabella is the #1 girl name of 2008. I may not be original, but I do have good taste. And if you want to get technical, Daddy and I chose your name on our honeymoon in April 2005, when Isabella was #6. 2008 is the first year it has ever been #1. I think it is an honor to have the most popular name. And besides, you are such an Isabella Grace. The name is a perfect fit. And I bet you will be the only "Izzy Bizzy" in your class.

Monday, December 15, 2008

To my Baby Girl....

Before you were conceived I wanted you. Before you were born I loved you. Before you were here an hour I would die for you. This is the miracle of love. - Maureen Hawkins

Monday, December 8, 2008

Three Years Ago

December 8, 2008

Three years ago tonight, I was talking to my Grandma John on the phone. I was so big and pregnant and uncomfortable, and I still had two weeks to go until my scheduled c-section. She said to me, "Love, babies come when they come." Little did we know that a few hours later, my water would break and Alexander John Beynon would be ready to enter my life and forever change my entire world.

I cannot believe he will be three years old in 2 days. I remember the first time I heard his cry, held him in my arms, and kissed his little face. And then I blinked. And now he is a big boy. He has a baby sister, he goes to school, he can count, he can sing the words to many songs and knows the words to many books, he loves to play Spiderman, he doesn't nap anymore, he can put together floor puzzles, he has his own ideas and opinions and isn't afraid to voice them, he picks out his own clothes and can wash himself, feed himself, and turn on the t.v. himself.

But not everything has changed from when he was a baby. He still needs me to get him his milk each morning. I still sing "You Are My Sunshine" to him everyday and say, "May God Bless You" every night. He still has the cutest feet and the biggest eyes. He still cuddles up next to me (even though it is not as often as I'd like). And the day he was born will always be the most important day of my life. I owe everything to him, because he made me a Momma, and there is nothing better in the whole world.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Three Months Old

Isabella Grace,

I can't believe you are 3 months old. It seems like yesterday that I held you for the first time. You were all bundled and so tiny. You have already grown so much. You can hold your head up and you love to kick your little feet. You are the light of my life. You continue to amaze me and everyone around you. You sleep well, you eat well, you laugh and smile all of the time. I take you everywhere. Today, you went with me to the hairdresser. We were there for two hours and you never made a peep. You can hold a rattle now, and you also always hold your hands together. You look like you are praying. Maybe you are! You "talk" all of the time. And if I am not paying attention, you get louder and louder until I do. You are still sleeping in our room, which I love. You cuddle up next to me and in the morning you wake up smiling at your daddy. Alex calls you Izzy-Bizzy and Sweet Honey. He tells me, "Momma, she is soooo cute." Don't I know it? I love dressing you up. And although you don't like wearing hats, I love putting them on you.

This month you were Baptized. David and Gabrielle are your godparents. We had our first big party in our new house. Over 80 people were here to celebrate you! You also celebrated your first Thanksgiving. I am so very thankful for everyday with you. I love watching you learn and grow and smile. You are my little Belly-Boo.

Love, Momma

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rhyme Time

Picture this:

As if I have nothing else to do, I am trying to think of a rhyme for our Christmas invitation. I am sitting at the computer thinking aloud. Alex is sitting next to me drawing. I say, "Christmas Day is almost here. Time to celebrate with...." And without missing a beat Alex says, "holiday cheer!" I fall off my chair in disbelief that he just came up with not only a rhyming word but a phrase that was appropriate. Okay, now I am back up on the chair and better get back to my invite.