Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Isabella

Dear Isabella,

Yesterday was your 5th birthday.  You are a whole hand.  You crawled into bed with me yesterday morning and we snuggled.  I told you the story of the day you were born. Wasn't it just yesterday that Daddy, Alex and I rushed to the hospital on that Labor Day morning? Could it really be that was five years ago?  I swear it feels like minutes.  I blinked. You are no longer a baby, no longer a toddler. You are my big girl. My sweet girl.  My social girl. My curly girl. My best girl.

Every time I write a letter to you, I find myself  wanting to say the same things.  You may have grown taller and your hair has grown longer over the past year, but so much of you has remained the same. You still love your brothers and daddy best.  You have the same friends (plus some new ones) and the same best friend. You and Kaitlyn became friends before you were even two years old, and you continue to be as close as sisters. She truly is a member of our family.  Speaking of family, you have an amazing bond with your family, especially your cousins. You love Gigi and pedicures and making crafts and riding your bike. You are stubborn. You are a leader.  You are appreciative. You are so smart and articulate.  You are learning to add and write words. You love to listen to chapter books at bedtime. You have learned to swim. You love to dance and listen to music on your Ipod. Your imagination is incredible. You are the light of our lives.  Without you with that voice and those eyes and that smile...our lives would not be nearly as bright.

We spent the summer talking about the day you would turn 5 and planning your Safari birthday party. You made the guest list, you shopped with me for the decorations, you chose the type of cake and cupcakes you wanted. We picked out dresses...mine cheetah print and yours giraffe print, of course. We went for pedicures and got our toenails painted "shocking pink" with black tiger stripes.

We had a wonderful time at your party.  The yard was decorated like a safari complete with bamboo and animal prints on everything...the lanterns, the desserts, the tablecloths, plates and napkins.  The DJ played your favorite songs.  Ms. Shari worked her magic and transformed all your friends into safari animals.  It was so hot out that it felt like we were in African on a real safari.  You said your favorite parts of the party were getting your face painted, playing with your friends and cousins, and that Stella came to your party.

You thanked Daddy and I over and over again for your party. You are welcome, my girl.  Anything for you, always....

I love you,