Thursday, January 15, 2015

Zachary is 3!!

Dear Zachary,

We have had such a fun week celebrating your birthday.  All of our family and your little buddies came over for a football party on Sunday!  You were so excited that it was your party and had a blast playing with your friends.  Your face was priceless as we all gathered around to sing happy birthday.  I looked around and saw love for you on every smiling face in the room.  On Tuesday, you turned three.  I went into your room and said, "Wake up birthday boy!!" You jumped right up and couldn't wait to start the day!  We headed off to school where we celebrated with Ninja Turtle yogurt and cupcakes at snack time.  Your grandparents came over for dinner and there were more presents and more cupcakes! You love to tell everyone that you are THREE now!

My big, big boy!  You are so independent. You can dress yourself and love picking out your own clothes.  You have been potty trained for months.  Soon after, you told me that you were a big boy so you didn't take naps anymore.  And that was that! You haven't napped since.  You are one stubborn kid.  You want what you want.  There is never any compromise with you!

You challenge me in ways that utterly exhaust me.  You are quite a trouble maker.  You love to start trouble and you aren't afraid to finish it too! But in your defense, you do say you are sorry...You say it a lot :)  And when you apologize, I have to say, "It's okay."  You don't mind making me mad, but you don't like me to stay mad at you.  And to be honest, I can't stay mad anyway.  You are too darn cute.  You know all the right things to say. When you throw your arms around my neck and say, "I love you Momma,"  I melt.  Or when you climb in my lap with a pile of books and say, "Let's snuggle," I could sit and read to you all night.

Zachary at THREE:

  • You are our baby whether you like to admit it or not. We absolutely adore you. 
  • You love to have Mommy and Daddy all to yourself.
  • You love your "sister" and your "brother." And you love to go in their rooms and take their stuff too!  As an oldest child, I feel their pain and try my best to keep you out!
  • Your favorite toys are little figures and legos.  You carry your "guys" around.
  • You love peanut butter on raisin bread, yogurt, bagels with cream cheese, and edamame
  • You love to dress up. At any given moment you might be Spiderman, a construction worker or a Ninja Turtle
  • You always have a hat on your head and gloves on your hands - even in the house
  • You always want to be with your "friends." You ask for Grayson, Brayden, Miles and Tanner to come over everyday
  • You still sleep with Bun Bun every night and always ask for it when you are sad or hurt
  • You don't like to watch tv but you do like movies like Toy Story, Frozen, Monsters U, and Despicable Me
  • You love all your big cousins and your "Sweet little Stella"
  • You love to talk on the phone and take bubble baths and play in the basement
  • You ride your Four Wheeler around like a boss (as Alex would say) 
  • You are such a funny kid.  Your facial expressions are hilarious.  We always know how you are feeling by the look on your face (you get that from me)
  • You talk from morning to night.  Your vocabulary is amazing.  You tell it like it is, and sometimes you use some not-so-nice words to do it. 
  • You are inquisitive, smart, silly and all-boy!

So, my Zachary.  Three years old.  Definitely not a baby anymore.  But as your Uncle Dave will tell you, you can grow up all you want, but you will always hold that special place in our hearts as the baby.  You will always be the one that completed our family of five, the little brother who has so much of Alex and Isabella in your eyes and your smile, and the one who can get away with so much more because you have a whole family answering to your every whim. You are the one who makes me crazy with your shenanigans,  but I am crazy in love with you. You will always be Daddy's buddy.  You will always be the center of our world, the four of us surrounding you with all our love and attention.  There is no one like you, baby boy, I mean "big boy" (wink wink).

I love you Zachary.  to infinity and beyond.