Monday, June 1, 2009

9 Months Old


Happy 9 Month Birthday. You are such a little social butterfly. You love to smile at people and show them all your tricks! You are a great hand clapper, you show up how big you are, and you hug and kiss complete with pats on the back and kissing sounds. You also love to "beep" noses. You also learned how to say "Pop." Your grandfathers are so happy!We got a new playground this month. You love the baby swing. You are so tiny that if you move your legs you can swing yourself. I had the best Mother's Day because I have the most wonderful kids in the whole world. We went to the beach and the pool this month too. You do not like the cold water. Me neither. You like to sit in the shade just like me! And you look so adorable in your big floppy sun hats. You are eating all kinds of yummy foods. You love blueberries and bagels the best. You still refuse to drink the soy formula, so we will just keep nursing! You still have no interest in crawling or standing, but you love to take rides in the wagon.

You absolutely love your big brother. You grab his face and give him the biggest kisses. You really notice other little kids and always reach out to them. You especially love laughing at all your cousins.

I still can't believe that you are big enough to sit up, eat blueberries, and give kisses. Time is going too fast. And now it is the start of summer, and everyone knows summer goes by the fastest of all the seasons. Soon I am going to have to start planning the big birthday party!

I love you Izzy Bear,


Nana said...

We love Izzy Bella too!! She is such a sweetheart, and is so quick to smile when she sees you. Even her eyes smile! And she does love her Alex!

Peggy said...

I love the picture of Izzy with Alex. That is so great! What an adorable little girl she is!

Mark said...

I love Izzy and so does everyone else! She brings a shy sweetness to every event. It's clear that she's going to be a lot of fun to be around. I love your kids!

Jeanne said...

Oh my word. She has to be the most pleasant baby in the world! I so enjoyed seeing her at Gabe's party. She was such a total angel baby!! How blessed you are.