Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Isabella's First Day of School

Two years ago on this day, Isabella was a week old. Alex was starting Two and You preschool and Isabella went with him on his first day. She slept the whole time in her infant carrier. You never even knew she was there.

FAST forward, I do mean FAST, today Isabella started preschool. She was so excited - she has been waiting for this day for a year and especially the past couple days when we dropped Alex off each morning...she said, "I go school now." This morning she woke up and it was finally her day to start school. She peed on the potty (a fluke I am sure, but exciting nonetheless). We got dressed and ate breakfast, snapped lots of pictures, and then we were off.

She walked into that school as if she owned the place. And on her first day of preschool, Isabella was impossible to ignore. She went to her classroom and played with the dolls, the play-doh, and the kitchen. She colored, although she was a little upset that Miss Sally didn't have a pink crayon. She sat front and center during story time. She ran from activity to activity on the playground. She ate her snack and drank several cups of water saying, "more, please." And my favorite part of the day was Music Time. She danced and sang her little heart out. Miss Sally will never have to sing alone as long as Isabella is in the class.

I was a little nervous signing Isabella up for school. She just turned two. I was worried she would be too young. But she loved every second of it. She was in her element. Over the course of the morning, I saw her show traits of independence, confidence and friendliness. I am so proud of my baby, I mean my big, girl!

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