Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Two and a Half...

Dear Isabella -

Today is March 1st. You are two and a half. I can't believe it - where did the last 6 months go? I feel like I say that a lot, but it is so true. Time is going by too quickly.

You talk from morning to night. Each morning, your voice is the first thing I hear. You call your daddy or me to come and get you out of your crib. The first thing you say is, "I go downstairs." And you talk, sing, laugh and boss us around all day long. At night, I put you in your crib and cover you up with four blankets because your feet are "told" (cold), turn on your music, and fill up your water cup. Then I say, "May God bless you." And you say, "Goodnight Mommy. Turn off the light."

You and Alex play together so well. Your love to build forts and play Power Rangers. You are always the Pink Ranger. You always want to be where ever he is...

You love to dress up and you walk around with your crown and wand saying, "I am a fairy princess." You are learning all about the Disney Princesses too - just in time to go to Disney World in a few weeks. Your favorite movies are "Beauty and the Beast"and "Toy Story."

You are getting so tall. But I still can't call you a big girl. And whenever we talk about potty training or giving up your nippy, you say, "I am not a big girl yet. I am your baby." Of course, it is another story when you want a piece of gum or are resisting nap time. Then all of a sudden you a big girl...at least until I give into you.

You call yourself a baby, but you seriously could run the world (or at the very least your preschool). You are always on a mission. You are the most stubborn child I have ever seen. You know what you want and you never give up. You don't back down...ever. And you don't listen worth a darn. If it is possible for a two (and a half) year old to possess self confidence, you do...in fact I think you have enough for the whole state. I am so excited (and a little nervous) to see what you do with that strong personality of yours as you get older!

You have started calling yourself Izzy. You are learning to spell your name (Isabella). You love to jump on the trampoline at My Gym. You call Alex "Brother Ally." You want to paint all the time. You drink at least three yogurt drinks a day. You have tons of friends already. You still love Gigi most of all. You don't like Daddy's whiskers, and you tell him to take them off. You can pout like a teenager. You think splashing in puddles is so much fun. You went for your first pedicure with your big cousin Sophie. You are like a celebrity with the big girls in the neighborhood. You have the gift to make people smile everywhere you go....People stop me all the time and ask, "Don't you just crack up at her all day long?" I usually respond, "Uh, no." But I am joking, because you bring me so much joy and laughter everyday. I would be lost without you.

Love you (with all my heart),

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Robin said...

Your words captured our girl perfectly! Isabella brings along sunshine and fun wherever she goes. She is such a sweet, perky, and very determined princess. Isn't it wonderful that Alex is her best friend, and that he is her biggest admirer? Izzy makes me laugh all the time with her silly faces, expressions, and poses. We love our Izzybizzy!