Tuesday, November 13, 2012

10 Months Old


I was putting these pictures online.  It literally took my breath away.  Where is my tiny baby? When did you get all those teeth?  When did you learn to stand and cruise?  When did you start signing "more" and "all done?"  When did you start saying "Ma Ma?" I swear it literally happened overnight.  You are my little wild man.  My happy little boy. 

My most favorite thing about you right now is the way your little face lights up when you see me. I swear I can see the infinite love that I have for you reflected in your big eyes. And I love when I walk in the room, you crawl over to me, climb up my legs so I pick you up for a snuggle - and then you are off again. 
Busy! Busy! I spend my days chasing you around. You are inquistive and fearless.  Two traits that make me a little nervous as you enter into your toddlerhood, but I know will serve you well in the future!

Showing off your teeth!
Giving Mommy a kiss!

                   Looking out the window! Yes, you crawled over there and stood up all by yourself!

Sit Still?  Yeah right lady! 

Your "I'm being a stinker but aren't I cute?" face!
 Happy 10 Months Zachary!
I love you,

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