Thursday, December 13, 2012

11 Months Old

Dear Zachary -

Today you are 11 months old.  Only one month away from your first birthday!  I am starting to plan your party.  It is going to be a Little Monster party, which is pretty appropriate for you these days. You are  literally into is as if you know what you aren't supposed to touch and that is ALL you touch - Isabella's cereal, Alex's Legos, Daddy's shoes, Charlie's tail, Mommy's wine bottles, the Christmas tree.  I say, "No. No."  You stop.  You give me this look.

And then you keep on touching! If you are awake you are on the go!  You never stop for a second.

We call you "TROUBLE!"  I call myself "EXHAUSTED!"

But as ornery as you are, you are still the sweetest, happiest little baby.  You have been having a lot of fun this holiday season.  We celebrated your first Thanksgiving with our family. We went to see Santa - you weren't scared at all.  You looked like you were having a very serious conversation about your list!

We went and picked out our Christmas tree. You looked perplexed as we put it up and decorated it, but then promptly decided it was going to be a fun new game to crawl under it and pull off all of the decorations you could before I pulled you out by your stinky feet!

I can't believe my next letter to you will be your birthday letter.  I know I say it all of the time, but time is going too quickly.  This was the fastest year of my life.  I am hoping for a Christmas miracle - time to slow down just a little bit so I can cherish and enjoy every second of this next month with you, my baby.

I love you! 

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