Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday


Yes, I realize that your birthday is January 13th and today is January 16th.  Sorry I am a few days late writing this letter.  I know. I know.  Poor third child.  Well. Third and LAST child of mine, we have had quite a lot of fun celebrating you turning two.  On Saturday, we had all of our family and your little buddies over for a Dinosaur birthday party.  We had balloon animals and dinosaur cookies, cupcakes, nuggets and even dinosaur eggs (rice krispie treats). We had sandwiches for the carnivores and veggies and fruit for the herbivores.  Your face was priceless as we sang "Happy Birthday to Zachary."

On Monday when you woke up I told you it was your birthday.  You ran right in Alex's room and crawled into bed with him.  You said, "Wake up Alex, it's my birthday!" We started the day singing "Happy Birthday."  We put the candle in a "Dunkin Donut with sprinkles." Your favorite!  When we ask you how old you are, you get the biggest smile on your face, "I'm 2." That night Grandma, Pop and Nana came over for birthday dinner.  We sang "Happy Birthday" one more time.  I just loved hearing you sing along to yourself. After cake, you opened your presents.  I think your favorite was the bike helmet.  You made daddy take you outside at 8:30 at night so you could "ride bikes."

So my youngest child, you are very loved.  You say you are a "big boy," but you are our baby.  Ask David, he will tell you.  He knows what it means to be the youngest.  You will always be our baby. And not just daddy's and mine but Alex and Isabella's too. We worship the ground you walk on, you are our cuddle buddy, our entertainment, and our hearts.

You at Two!

  • All of a sudden, you are talking in sentences.  We crack up at how you can carry on a conversation.  We look at each other and say, "Did he just say that?" You especially like to talk on the phone.  You bring me the phone and ask to call one of your grandparents at least once a day.  I hope you always remember to call them :)
  • You are learning to count to 10.  This was news to me today.  I was carrying you upstairs, and I was counting each thing I know you said, "7.8.9."
  • You love to "read books." There are many days I find you and Isabella sitting in your room looking at books. At bedtime you always ask me to "read books," even if I have already read you several.
  • Your favorite things right now are Toy Story, Sesame Street characters, trains, The Wiggles, and Spiderman.
  • You are often seen wearing hats....might be a cowboy hat, a knit hat, and baseball hat, or a bike helmet depending on your mood.
  • You love your Bun Bun and usually need "two ones" (translation: two of them).
  • We are working on learning colors and shapes.  Most things are the color blue to you.
  • You love to eat pizza pie, macaroni and cheese and donuts.  When you ask for more of something you always say more twice ( ie. more. more. pizza pie).
  • You love to wake up Alex and Isabella and you always want your daddy in the morning.
  • When you get hurt, you always say, "kiss it."
  • You always want to play in the basement or outside. "I go downstairs now." You played in the snow for the first time last month.  You always want to play with the big kids.  But you are making your own friends too.  You ask for Brayden, Grayson, Miles and Tanner by name.
  • You say, "please," "thank you" and "I love you" without being prompted. You are so mannerly.
  • I love when I go in your room in the morning and you say, "Good morning Momma." And "hold you Momma."
  • You love My Gym, Music class and anything sports related.  You may be a little dude, but you are a tough one! And you can throw a ball and cradle a lacrosse stick.
  • This year you took trips to the beach, New Jersey, Turks and Caicos and Disney World.
  • You can be an ornery little guy.  You don't like to sit still.  Not a fan of shopping carts or strollers. A trip to Wegmans is a full on battle of the wills.  I try to bribe you with treats but that never works. Inevitably we leave behind a trail of goldfish, bagels and lollipops.
  • But on your terms, you are a dream.  You are social and fun and happy.  You love to play toys. And will take my hand and say, "Come on, Momma.  This way, Momma." 

And I stop whatever it is I'm doing and follow you, because you are my third child, my last baby, and I know this time is fleeting. It has happened to me twice minute you are taking me by the hand and the next you are off to school or playing with your friends.  So sweet, sweet boy, as long as you want me, I will follow you anywhere.

I love you, 

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