Saturday, December 13, 2014

Happy 9th Birthday

Dear Alex,

Happy 9th Birthday!!! We have spent a wonderful week celebrating YOU.  Last weekend, we went to New York City with our family.  We shopped at the Lego Store, FAO Schwartz, and Dylan's Candy Bar.  We saw Christmas Spectacular at Radio City and Santa at Macy's on 34th Street.  We ate dinner at Carmine's where we sang Happy Birthday to you and Uncle Drew, and you ate the biggest dessert I have ever seen.  We ate at Ellen's Stardust Diner, where the whole restaurant sang "Happy Birthday" to you!  We visited the tree at Rockafeller Center and the Balto Statue in Central Park.

Then on Wednesday, you woke up a nine-year old.  I volunteered at school, so I could spend more time with you.  As we do each year, we had a wonderful birthday dinner of with your grandparents.  We had crab soup and Pralines and Cream ice cream cake - your favorites!

And then last night, we wrapped up your birthday celebration with a party at Sky Zone. You had a blast with all of your friends and of course, your favorite people in the world, Jake and Luke!

Even though, the birthday celebrations are over, I spend every single day celebrating you.  You are my heart.  Sometimes, I can't believe how lucky I am to be  mom of such a smart, kind, funny, loyal boy.  You make us proud everyday. You continue to excel in school.  You received all A's on your report card, and your teachers say you are an absolute joy to teach. At your conference last month, your teachers said that you have pride in your work, are invested in your learning, and you are like a "big brother" to the other kids. As a mom, I could not ask for more.  Yes, you want what you want and have been known to pout at times, but all in all you have one of the most kind hearts of anyone I know. Ever since you were little, you have been empathetic, sensitive, funny, loving and loyal.  These are traits that have grown with you.  These are the traits that make you the kind of person people want to be around.  You are a fun friend, a team player, and you are heart of our family.  You have a way of making those around you feel good about themselves and that, my son, is one of my most favorite things about you! Because as your mom, I look at the person you are and can see the man you are going to be...I know you will take care of those you love and that brings me so much joy, (especially because you love your momma most).

At nine years old:

  • you love hanging out with your friends
  • you are taking guitar lessons on your new red electric guitar
  • your favorite night of the week is Friday Movie Night with your family
  • you play lacrosse, basketball and soccer, and your dad is your coach and biggest fan
  • you are reading Harry Potter, and so am I! (I love our "book" talks each night)
  • you enjoy puzzles - "games that make your brain think"
  • you love playing games on your iPad, listening to music, running around the neighborhood with your friends  
  • your family comes first
  •  you are an amazing big brother to Isabella and Zachary.  You include them and protect them. You are patient (most of the time) and always put them first, even before yourself

Happy happy birthday Alexander.  Continue to be YOU! There is no one like you in all the world, and no one as lucky as me because I get to live my life as your mom.

Love you,