Thursday, February 21, 2008

Famous Last Words

When I was pregnant with Alex things would happen that would scare or worry me, and I would say, "I can't wait until I am pregnant with the next baby. Then I will know what to expect." HA! This pregnancy could not be more different thus far. First of all, with Alex I was pretty nauseous. I couldn't walk Charlie because I would rather die than pick up poo. And walking by the boy's bathroom at Elmwood (where I taught at the time) was a fate even worse than death. This pregnancy, I can count on one hand the times I have gagged, and I haven't thrown up once. But I do feel so bloated that you could pop my belly with a pin and I would go flying around the room. I didn't have that feeling with Alex. I don't remember feeling this tired with Alex, maybe it was because I wasn't chasing after a two-year old twelve hours a day while trying to design a new home. And I didn't have to got to the hospital with Alex until I was 24 weeks and I thought my water had broken. It hadn't, I was just peeing my pants. This time I have had to go to Labor and Delivery twice already! The most recent was last night when my doctor sent me, because apparently my body has forgotten that my period should be on hiatus during pregnancy. The same thing happened a month ago. Luckily, everything is fine. I had a sonogram and saw Baby Beynon . He/she has grown so much in just two weeks. The baby was moving around like a wild person (GREAT!) and his/her heartbeat was strong. Thank GOD!

So with almost 12 weeks down and A LOT more to go, the two pregnancies could not be more different so far. We will see what happens along the rest of the journey. Keep praying for Baby Beynon - he/she is giving me a run for my money - already!

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Proud Nana said...

Life with Beynon babies is never dull or boring! This little one is already trying to keep you on your toes just like big brother, Alex, loves to do!
Much more fun is on the way!!!!!! Hurrah!