Friday, March 27, 2009

Alex-isms 4

It has been awhile since I have written an entry - life can really get away from you sometimes. But thankfully, I have been keeping notes on some of the funny things Alex has been saying lately.
  • Alex is Mr. Literal. He loves to correct other people every chance he gets. For instance, "I didn't hurt my finger Mom, I hurt my thumb." "It is not a diaper Mom, it is a pull-up."
  • Alex has a way with words. Sometimes that boy can melt my heart. The other day he said, "You are the best Mommy I ever had in my whole life." And he can break my heart too. I always tell him that even when I am mad at him, I still love him everyday. Today he was mad at me and said, "Mommy, I don't like you on any days." (He later changed his mind-Thank GOD).
  • Alex is up-to-date on current events. Whenever Barack Obama comes on television, he says, "That's A-Rock Obama. He is our President."
  • Alex is interested in learning about God. Last week after we said our prayers I was telling him how God watches out for us. He asked me, "Where is God? I can't see Him." We went to church on Sunday. It had been awhile since I have taken him with me. We were a few minutes late. We were standing in the back. He said, "Come on Mom. Let's go in. We are missing all the fun." Then he pointed to the priest and asked, "Is that God?" Once we were seated in the pew, he was sitting quietly. The little girl behind him kept talking to him. He turned around and said, "Shh! You have to be quiet in here!"
  • Alex is very detail oriented. When he tells a story he gives you all the details. For instance here is his rendition of what happened the other night when the smoke detectors went off, which he tells anyone and everyone who will listen. "You know those round things (smoke detectors)? Well, Daddy was cooking on the grill. And he opened the door and smoke came in. And the round things started making a lot of noise. And they were saying FIRE! FIRE! And daddy was trying to hush them. I was crying. Momma had to drive Izzy Bizzy and me around the neighborhood. We were looking for deer. Then the fire truck came and the men - one was wearing a green shirt - came inside to check out the problem. Then they said everything was okay and there was no fire. So then it was okay for us to come back inside. Daddy let me stay up late and watch Clone Wars and Scooby Do. I fell asleep on the couch. The next day I got a fire truck toy!" Not only is his story detailed - it is accurate too!

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Amy said...

If I can add to the #1 morning when I was visiting I said "Alex, do you want me to make you some cereal for breakfast?" He hopped up on the kitchen stool, looked at me with raised eyebrows, and said "Amy, you don't MAKE cereal, you POUR cereal." I wasn't sure if I wanted to laugh or throw the cereal at him! :)