Wednesday, April 1, 2009

7 Months Old

Dear Isabella,

Another month has passed. It seems as if each month goes by faster than the last. You have grown and changed so much during this past month. There is so much to say, but I have decided to narrow my thoughts into my top ten most favorite things about you.

10. You love to eat. You will devour any baby food - peas, prunes, turkey that smells like dog food.... This wasn't always the case. Last month, I could barely get you to eat your baby food. You say "baba" when you want to eat and even make little chewing motions with your mouth. And although you still won't take a bottle, you love to nurse. And that is my most favorite time. It is so adorable how you can smile up at me and nurse at the same time.

9. You have lots of little tricks. You can make the "AHHHH" sound with your hand and your mouth. You like to stick out your tongue. You love to play "peek-a-boo." You can "beep" my nose. You give the best kisses too! And you have found your feet. You love to hold onto both of them at the same time.

8. Speaking of your feet. I love how they are constantly in motion. You are always twirling your ankles and moving your toes. I can imagine you someday as a ballerina or maybe as a soccer player.

7. I was able to put a bow in your hair for the first time this month. Need I say more?

6. You are sleeping about 12 hours a night. Every night, I put you in your pajamas, nurse you, rock you, sing to you and read to you. And then I lay you in your crib and you hold your giraffe and your doll. I cover you up, and say, "May God bless you." And then you go right to sleep.

5. Your belly laughs. I love making you laugh. But no one can make you laugh like Alex. You are his biggest fan.

4. The way you look at your he hung the moon (which he did). You say "Dada." It was your first word.

3. The way you act shy when someone talks to you. You give them a shy little smile and then you put your head on my shoulder and look up at them with those big blue eyes. You sure know how to melt a heart.

2. When you cuddle. You are still a Momma's Girl. You want me to hold you all of the time. You love to sit on my lap and cuddle. You touch my face and even hold onto my hair. I cannot even leave your sight for a minute. And that leads us to my #1 favorite thing....

1. When you say "Momma." There is nothing as sweet as the sound of you saying my name.

Happy 7th Month!
I love you my little Kissaroo,

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Peggy said...

So touching, Jamie! What a beauty Isabella is! Love her smile!