Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our 4th Anniversary

Another year has gone by. We are in our dream home and have a beautiful baby girl. I just watched my wedding video with Alex. Things are so different then they were that day only 4 short years ago. As we were watching, I was noticing how skinny I was, how young Jay looked (you look better now, honey), how some who were there are no longer with us, how some are now married, and how some who were pregnant now have sons that are my son's friends.

Four years ago, Jay danced with me. Today, as we watched, Alex danced with me. I told him, half jokingly, that this was the last day of my life that was "all about me." In just a few weeks we would find out about him. And he said, "Yea, Mom. It is all about me, now!"

I am not going to lie - my life does revolve around my kids. But my husband is my life. He is strong and good and hardworking. He isn't afraid to say he is sorry. He loves his children with an unending patience. On this day, I think back to our wedding day and before. I remember the first day I met him at a party in Canton when I "had him from hello," our first date in Federal Hill when he kissed me, and all the ballgames, dinners and drinks, beach trips, and hurricanes and blizzards we shared in those few first years. Yes, things are so different now. But in the best way. We now have not only each other but our babies, and we have so many "little moments" that make up each and every day and each and every memory.

I love you, Jay. Happy Anniversary.

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Peggy said...

What a loving tribute to Jay and to your marriage!!! You both are truly blessed. You will find, as you journey through life together, that the "little moments" in each day are the best!