Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday, Alex

Dear Alex,

You are 4 years old today. I am not sure where to even begin. I guess I can start at 5:30 this morning when you called to me. You couldn't find your blue bear, and then you wanted me to lay with you. And as you were falling back to sleep, I told you that 4 years ago at 5:30 in the morning, the nurses brought you back to me after your first bath. Daddy had gone home to sleep and shower, and it was just me and you for a few hours on that early morning. I will never forget just laying in that bed holding you, staring at you and kissing you. I had been up for almost 48 hours, but I wasn't tired. My heart was racing and I was so excited to finally have my little boy in my arms.

Happy Birthday Al. We had a great day. We met Daddy and Gabrielle for lunch and then did a little shopping. We saw Santa and he somehow knew it was your birthday. Then we had dinner with Grandma, Pop, Nana, Pop Pop, Grandma Mela, and Poppy. I started this tradition of dinner with the grandparents when you were two and it is my favorite part of your birthday. It is so nice just to have a quiet night all about you! We all sat around and ate cake, and you opened your gifts. I think your favorites were a pez dispenser, your card that sings the Spiderman theme song, and your "BIG BOY BIKE."

Speaking of being a big boy. Last night as I was getting you ready for bed, I was telling you the story of the night you were born and you said to me, "Mom. I don't want to get bigger. I'm scared to be big. I want to stay little." And I answered, "Me too, my sweet boy." Time is going by too quickly. And I need it to slow down. Just yesterday you were that tiny little baby and now you are riding a two-wheeler. I want you to stay little forever, but you have already changed your mind about growing up. Today you said, "Momma, it is okay if I get bigger, because I will always be your baby." Yes, you will. Forever.

I love you with my whole heart,


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