Tuesday, August 24, 2010


If anyone knows Isabella, then they know Gigi - her beloved giraffe. Isabella is never without Gigi. Well Gigi needed a bath in the worst way. So this morning, I pried it out of Isabella's hands and put it in the washer (on the shortest setting). Isabella immediately started screaming. She stood by the washer crying and everytime there was a lull in the cycle she would say, "Gigi done!" Alex and I tried to distract her with other toys, but she wasn't having it. Out of desperation, I took out the "extra Gigi," the one I have been saving just in case Gigi gets lost. I handed it to Isabella, she hugged it and said, "Gigi" as though she had found a long lost friend. About two seconds later she said, "Not Gigi" and threw it on the floor. She returned to her post in front of the washer and threw the biggest tantrum I have ever seen. When I went down the stairs she stood at the top and threw her pacifier at me. She jumped up and down and stomped her feet all the while screaming "GIGI DONE!" over and over and over. When I tell you that this tantrum went on for the entire 37 minutes of the wash cycle, I am not exaggerating. The child was out of control!

When the washer finally beeped signaling Gigi was in fact done, I took the sopping wet giraffe out and handed it to Isabella. She hugged it and then screamed in agony as I took it away to put it in the dryer. She immediately started screaming again...I tell you what, Isabella is one persistent kid. Finally, I was able to bribe her with her second favorite thing in the world, Yo Gabba Gabba. I let her watch an episode as Gigi dried. Luckily, after those 23 minutes, Gigi came out dry (or barely damp, anyway).

The two were happily reunited...

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