Monday, August 30, 2010

Isabella's Garden Party

At the end of my wedding reception, I cried. I couldn't believe all my hard work and planning was over. You can hear me on the video saying, "I will never be a bride again." I remember thinking that I wish I could have a wedding every year. You know... one day a year to celebrate with family and friends in a BIG way with flowers and music and way too much food. Well, as I was putting the flowers in vases, finishing the decorations and preparing (and ordering) all of the food for Isabella's Garden Party, I thought to myself, "I guess throwing Isabella a huge party is just as good as having a wedding once a year." Actually it is better, because we are celebrating the birth of my little girl. (And actually I get to have two huge celebrations a year, because Alex needs one too!)

Some people would say having a dj and 12 flower arrangements and 90 people for a 2nd birthday party is over the top. And maybe so, but I don't care. My little girl is a social butterfly and she loves music and everyone loves her. So as the sun rose on a beautiful 84 degree Saturday (yes, I saw it because I was up cutting pb&j sandwiches into the shape of flowers), I could not wait for the party to start.

The party was so much fun. Butterflies, bees, ladybugs, and our family and friends filled our home and our yard. We ate, drank and danced. Isabella twirled around in the middle of it all, surrounded by people who came to celebrate the day the world became a brighter and better place...the day our Izzy B was born.

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