Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Alex's Rock Star Party Details

Alex is our little Rock Star - we celebrated his 5th birthday ROCKER Style! Alex greeted his guests as they walked the red carpet. The red carpet was covered with stars with all of the celebrities (aka guests) names written on them.

As Lisa and Mikel of Milkshake, http://www.milkshakemusic.com/ , set up in the basement we passed out concert merchandise - sunglasses, inflatable guitars and microphones, mardi gras beads, and glow sticks. Once the show was ready to start we allowed the kids VIP access. We hung a banner and a backdrop behind the stage where the band performed.

We set up a concession stand in our kitchen and served food just like you would get at a real concert. The pizza, nacho bar and hot pretzel machine were a hit. We served rootbeer is these cool cups (from the celebration shoppe) because that is Alex's favorite drink.

And no birthday party is complete without cake and cookies- shaped like guitars and stars, of course - and a CANDY BAR! And of course the CANDY BAR had a Rock Star theme! The kids loved taking home goodie bags filled with rock candy, pop rocks, ring pops, and star lollipops. (Thank you Laura of Cupcakes and Lemonades for the awesome candy jar labels.)

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