Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday to My Baby Girl

Dear Isabella,

I don't know where to begin. I have been thinking about what to write in this birthday letter for some time now. I am overwhelmed, I have too much to say. I can't seem to find the right words. I think that is because there aren't words to describe the absolute adoration I feel for you. But I am going to try to tell you how I am feeling on the eve of your second birthday...even though I don't think I will never do my heart justice.

You are my baby. Maybe not forever, but for right now. And I love that you want to be my baby - when I call you a big girl, you always say, "No, Momma. I your baby." And I love it. I love when you wake up in the middle of the night calling for us. And even though all the experts say not to, daddy and I bring you into our bed in those early morning hours to cuddle, because we know these moments are fleeting. I can't tell you how many times daddy is late for work because you are sound asleep next to him and he doesn't want to leave you. Sometimes we watch you sleep marveling at those long legs of yours. When did you get so big?

If I had to think of three words to describe you, I would say happy, sassy and intelligent.

You are happy most of the time. You love to laugh and play, especially with your brother and your cousins. Your personality is magnetic. People are drawn to you in a way that cannot be described. Those who know you love you, and they can't get enough of you, especially Jake, Luke and Alex. I think you are going to have some bodyguards as you get older. I have said it so many times, but I have to say it again - your light shines so bright, you make the world a more joyful place.

You are a sassy little thing. Small but mighty. You want what you want and you aren't afraid to go after it. You have a fearlessness that I hope stays with you throughout your whole life. Even though you are only two, I can already see your determination and confidence building. You have an indendpent streak - "I do it." Yet if you need help with something you want me - "Mommy do it" (I love that). You "dance as if no one is watching, " yet you know they are and you like it.

You are so very intelligent. You speak in sentences. You know the words to songs and love to sing them. You know your colors and everyone's names. You can count to 3. You have a sense of humor. Your favorite thing to do is "argue" with Pop over Gigi. He tries to take Gigi from you and you tell him, "No, Pop. My Gigi." You use inflection when you speak - "Allie - you gonna be in trouble." "Mommy, I be right back." "Snack....now...please." "Mommy, I scared (said with a shiver)." You always say that you are sorry and give a hug to go with it.

Days go by so quickly and things change, so I wanted to jot down some of your favorite things at 2... Alex, Gigi, Yo Gabba Gabba, coloring "only on paper," having your toenails painted, playing outside on the "pay-ground," reading books, chocolate milk, you say you are going to marry Pop Pop, you love to run to the door saying "I'm coming" and hug whoever is there especially if it is Nana, Band-ma or Finney.

I have been writing this letter now for a while. I keep going back and rereading and rewording. And I must say, I was right at the beginning of this letter. While everything I have written is true, my heart wants to say so much more. But I know that this is just one letter, and my heart shows you everyday what it wants to say to you. The good old adage "Actions speak louder than words" holds true for us. And as your Mommy, I promise to always show you what my heart is feeling, each and everyday. And I must say, you are one lucky little girl, because there isn't a Mommy in this world who loves their sweet baby girl more than I love you.

Happy Birthday, Bella Boo.

Monday, August 30, 2010

It is All in the Details....

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It is All in the Details....

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It is All in the Details....

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It is All in the Details....

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Isabella's Garden Party

At the end of my wedding reception, I cried. I couldn't believe all my hard work and planning was over. You can hear me on the video saying, "I will never be a bride again." I remember thinking that I wish I could have a wedding every year. You know... one day a year to celebrate with family and friends in a BIG way with flowers and music and way too much food. Well, as I was putting the flowers in vases, finishing the decorations and preparing (and ordering) all of the food for Isabella's Garden Party, I thought to myself, "I guess throwing Isabella a huge party is just as good as having a wedding once a year." Actually it is better, because we are celebrating the birth of my little girl. (And actually I get to have two huge celebrations a year, because Alex needs one too!)

Some people would say having a dj and 12 flower arrangements and 90 people for a 2nd birthday party is over the top. And maybe so, but I don't care. My little girl is a social butterfly and she loves music and everyone loves her. So as the sun rose on a beautiful 84 degree Saturday (yes, I saw it because I was up cutting pb&j sandwiches into the shape of flowers), I could not wait for the party to start.

The party was so much fun. Butterflies, bees, ladybugs, and our family and friends filled our home and our yard. We ate, drank and danced. Isabella twirled around in the middle of it all, surrounded by people who came to celebrate the day the world became a brighter and better place...the day our Izzy B was born.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


If anyone knows Isabella, then they know Gigi - her beloved giraffe. Isabella is never without Gigi. Well Gigi needed a bath in the worst way. So this morning, I pried it out of Isabella's hands and put it in the washer (on the shortest setting). Isabella immediately started screaming. She stood by the washer crying and everytime there was a lull in the cycle she would say, "Gigi done!" Alex and I tried to distract her with other toys, but she wasn't having it. Out of desperation, I took out the "extra Gigi," the one I have been saving just in case Gigi gets lost. I handed it to Isabella, she hugged it and said, "Gigi" as though she had found a long lost friend. About two seconds later she said, "Not Gigi" and threw it on the floor. She returned to her post in front of the washer and threw the biggest tantrum I have ever seen. When I went down the stairs she stood at the top and threw her pacifier at me. She jumped up and down and stomped her feet all the while screaming "GIGI DONE!" over and over and over. When I tell you that this tantrum went on for the entire 37 minutes of the wash cycle, I am not exaggerating. The child was out of control!

When the washer finally beeped signaling Gigi was in fact done, I took the sopping wet giraffe out and handed it to Isabella. She hugged it and then screamed in agony as I took it away to put it in the dryer. She immediately started screaming again...I tell you what, Isabella is one persistent kid. Finally, I was able to bribe her with her second favorite thing in the world, Yo Gabba Gabba. I let her watch an episode as Gigi dried. Luckily, after those 23 minutes, Gigi came out dry (or barely damp, anyway).

The two were happily reunited...