Monday, January 9, 2012

Only a few weeks to go...

Well I am 36 weeks and 2 days. It has been a crazy few weeks. On December 27, I was put on bed rest. 14 days later, I am still here. Bed rest sounds good in theory but not so much fun in reality. Although I am probably doing more than I should, I spend most of my day on the sofa watching tv, playing checkers with Alex, or playing princesses with Isabella. Poor daddy has to do all the shopping, cooking and housework.

Oh and I can't forget the kick counts. At least twice a day, I count your movements. You need to move 10 times in 2 hours. You usually move 10 times in about 30 minutes. You have passed your tests at the doctor's too. I am very worried about you, but you are a good boy always reassuring me with a kick or two!

Alex and Isabella are so excited to meet you. Isabella can't wait to take care of you. Alex loves talking to my belly and feeling you move. Yesterday he started to cry when he felt you move...tears of joy he said. He is going to teach you karate and how to dribble a basketball.

You are 'scheduled' to arrive in three weeks at 39 weeks and 4 days. (we will see....Alex was born at 37 weeks and 4 days and Izzy at 38 weeks and 6 days). Last night I packed our hospital bags. I wrapped your presents to give to Alex and Izzy. Tomorrow we head back to the doctor where I know you will do what you need to do to show you are happy and healthy in there.

Your family can't wait to meet you, sweet baby. You just moved in my belly. I think you are excited to meet us too. I can promise you there will never be a baby as loved as you!

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