Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2 Months Old

Dear Zachary,
Two months ago today, I had no idea that it would be the day you would come into my life and change it forever. But you were ready. It was if you couldn’t wait another second to become the final piece in our family puzzle.

In the past month, you have grown so much, both physically and socially. Your “unofficial” 2-month weight is 11 pounds. Alex stood on the scale and weighed 40 pounds and then he held you on the scale and weighed 51 pounds. You have started to laugh out loud. When you hear our voices you turn and look into our eyes, waiting to see what we will say or sing to make you smile and laugh. When you aren’t looking at us you are staring at the ceiling fans and lights!

It seems as though I may have created a monster…You hate to be put down. You want me to hold you all day. You love to snuggle, and I love holding you. You are now strong enough to push back and hold your head so you can look at me.

You are my little sidekick. You go everywhere with me. Ladies Lunches, BUNCO, book club, ballet, karate, Wegmans. We have been blessed with some warm weather so we have been able to take some long walks in the neighborhood. We have only been apart for a few hours. In fact, you are in the bassinet right now fussing because you want your momma. It was the first nap you took in another room and it lasted a whole ten minutes! That’s okay baby because I missed you too.

Alex calls you Zacky. He needs to hold you every day. He hugs and kisses you each morning before school and each evening before bed. He reads you books. Last night he read Put Me in the Zoo. He told me yesterday, “Mommy. I don’t want Zachary to get bigger.” Me neither, Alex!

Isabella calls you Zack-a-Rack and she has a song that goes with it. Pop Pop taught it to her and she sings it all day every day! She says you are the cutest person in our family. She asks me all the time when you are going to be able to eat real food.

Daddy calls you his little buddy. He loves you so much. He holds you at night and you watch television together. He says you look just like him. I see it too!

I call you perfect. Happy 2 Month Birthday my sweet perfect baby. I love you so much.

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