Thursday, March 1, 2012

Half Birthday!

Dear Isabella,

Today is your half birthday! You were so excited to tell everyone that you are three and a half. We celebrated with green egg (cookies) and ham at school yesterday since your half birthday fell on the same day as Wacky Wednesday. Today we went to the playground and your best friend, Kaitlyn, even gave you a half birthday present – you lucky girl.

Another six months have gone by and you remind us every day that you are getting bigger. Daddy and I hate to hear it. I love the age you are right now even if at the end of the day I am exhausted from keeping up with you. From morning to night, you go, go, go. You talk, talk, talk. You are busy, busy, busy. You are so independent and can entertain yourself for hours. You love to play Lalaloopsy, Barbie, Dress-Up, and My Little Ponies. You pretend you are a mommy, and you take such good care of your “childrens.”

And even though you are happy playing by yourself or with me, you are happiest when you have friends around. You love to have play dates and are already asking to have sleepovers. You are really becoming such a good friend. You are learning to share, you care about others, you are compassionate, you like everyone. You describe everyone you meet as your “friend.” Your incredible imagination makes for amazing games and adventures. Your little friends are lucky to have you in their lives.

I was so nervous six months ago when you started school. You had just turned three, and I was worried because you seemed so young. It seems my fears were completely unwarranted. You love school and everyone in school loves you. Your teacher, Mrs. Poe, describes you as empathetic, kind and spunky. You have learned so much. You know most of your letters and sounds, you can spell your name (and Alex’s), and you are learning to write it. You can count into the 20’s. I am amazed at all the wonderful things you are learning about plants, Eric Carle (you told me he made the pictures in his books using tissue paper), music, and manners. Your favorite part of school is playing outside with your friends and fingerpainting.

You are such a great sister. You have such a perfect spot in our family – bookended by boys who love you so. Today you wanted to play with Alex and all his friends. He took your hand in his and included you in their game. It is so sweet how he takes care of you. Zachary – you call him Zacky- looks right in your eyes when you sing to him. You are a wonderful helper. If you hear him fussing in his swing or bassinet, you go over to him and give him his nippy and talk to him. He always stops crying when you are near.

Beauty and the Beast is still your favorite movie. You make Pop watch it with you every time you see him because “it’s his favorite movie too.” You went with Grandma, Pop and Sophie to see it in 3D at the movies.

You love stuffed animals, and you have so many of them. You play with them all day. Everywhere I look is another stuffed animal taking a nap on a pillow, sitting in the stroller, lined up in the playroom. And I think you have a dozen giraffes and you have to sleep with them every night.

You love going to My Gym, Ballet class, the Bug Playground; wearing dresses, jewelry, and your red cowboy boots; taking bubble baths; watching “girl shows” on TV; drinking hot tea with two sugar cubes; eating lunch at Panera and Jason’s Deli; shopping at Greetings and Readings; listening to bedtime stories; and doing art projects.

At three and a half, you are head strong, smart, hilarious, and my sweet girl. My heart melts when you want me to lay with you at night. When I ask you to close your eyes, you say “I just want to look at you, Mommy.” And there is nothing better than hearing you say, “Mommy, you are my best friend.” I am so blessed to have you as my daughter, Isabella Grace. And even though I cannot stop you from getting “bigger and bigger,” I can cherish these moments and look forward to what the future holds for you... I have no doubt it will hold the best life has to offer, because YOU won’t have it any other way!

Love you with all my heart, my best girl…Mommy

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