Sunday, June 10, 2012

Six and One Half

Happy Half Birthday, Alex.  Another half of a year has gone by.  In the past six months, you have grown so much!    You have played lacrosse with equipment. You have earned both your green and blue belts in karate as well as the Self Control, Academic Achievement, and Kada patches. You have started tennis lessons.  You have joined the swim team.   You have finished Kindergarten with a glowing report from your teacher.  You can read just about anything we put in front of you.  You love to draw and write stories and jokes and do word searches.  And it is almost scary how quickly you can do math problems.  A few weeks ago, I told you that you have 10 full days and 2 half days or 12 days of school left.  Without missing a beat, you said, "No mom.  10 + 1/2 + 1/2 = 11."  And last week I told you I spent $80 on two pairs of shoes.  You said, "Each?"  I said, "No. All together."  You responded, "Oh.  So they were each $40." It really is amazing how fast that brain of yours works.

You have a new baby brother.  You think he is the best thing in the world (along with your sister, of course). He laughs and smiles at you like you hung the moon.  I have to agree with him. I am in awe of you.  I watch you from a distance. You have come into your own. You have so many friends.  I love that you play so nicely with boys and girls, older and younger.  We will be at the pool or a party and I won't see you for hours.  Then I will catch a glimpse of you running, laughing, playing.  Just so happy.  And more often than not, when Isabella is near, I see you patiently waiting for her to catch up, or leading her by the hand.  You really are such an amazing big brother.   

You are learning the art of compromise, and I can see the pride in your eyes when you please us.  You are willing to try new things - both at dinner and in life, whereas six months ago you were sometimes a little timid. You used to not want to try new things because you didn't want to fail, but now more and more you are taking chances and will try and try until you find success.  You are learning that it is okay not to win as long as you are having fun...such an important lesson in sports and in life. 

This morning we were talking about how when you turned six, Zachary wasn't here yet.  You said he was the best present you have ever gotten. I said, "Hey what about me?  Without me you wouldn't be here."  You said, "I'd have another mom."  I said, "No you wouldn't, because you needed part of me and part of daddy to be you."  You said, "Oh yeah, I got the boy part from Dad.  And the nice part from you."  Oh such a flatterer and a teaser all rolled into one boy!

Some things never change.You have the cutest feet and the most expressive brown eyes. You continue to love music and dancing. And you love an audience! You want things to go your way and always have a reason why. You are a rule follower (most of the time). You are sweet and  kind and empathetic and have the biggest heart.  I love you so much baby boy. 

Momma <3

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