Wednesday, June 13, 2012

5 Months Old

Well Sweetie, it has been a long few days.  You have been feeling pretty sick.  Last night I held you from 10 pm to 8 am this morning.  And although I quite exhausted and I hate for you to be sick, I loved cuddling you all night!  I took you to the doctor today, and you have an ear infection.  It is understandable that you have been cranky since you are not sleeping well. Of course, that did not stop you from flirting and smiling with the lady at the pharmacy.  Even sick, you are quite the charmer. 

We have had a busy few weeks, of course all of our weeks are busy!  It is now summertime and you have already been to your fair share of bbq's and pool days. Tommorrow we leave for the beach for a few days.  Your first time in Ocean City! We will celebrate Father's Day with Daddy and Pop and Pop Pop.  Speaking of Daddy, you sure do know your Daddy.  In the morning, I will bring you  in bed with us and you will stare and coo at him until he opens his eyes.  Then you smile the biggest smile in all the world.  You love your Daddy!

You tried cereal last week for the first time.  I am pretty sure you spit every bit of it out.  We will try again soon.  I think once you realize all the good things out there to eat, like fruits and veggies, you will be gobbling up food in no time.  You are my peanut.  You weighed 14 pounds today at the doctor, but you are growing and it is amazing how strong you are! You love when we play "SO BIG!" You are so proud of yourself! 

One of my favorite things that you are doing these days, is when I hold you, you hang onto the front of my shirt.  It is so sweet, like you are saying, "I gotcha.  Don't put me down." And sometimes you get that thumb in your mouth and as much I as don't want you to be a "thumb sucker," there really is nothing cuter in the whole world. 

I can't believe that in one short month, I will be writing your six month letter. Please say it isn't so!

 I love you sweet, sweet, sweet, boy. 

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