Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer 2012 - Part 2

We had so much fun this August.  We spent our days at the pool and the beach.  We ate Thrashers Fries, cotton candy, and Fisher's popcorn. We rode rides on 3 different boardwalks in three different states. Daddy and Alex went fishing and hiking and camping.  We went to movies, had a lemonade stand, and ate ice cream with friends. We cheered on the Ravens and the Orioles!

Our cousins visited us from New Jersey and Australia.  We visited family in New Jersey.  Zachary got to experience his very first (and second) cousin's weekend and meet his best buddies Chase and Grady.

Can't believe how quickly summer has gone by this year.  It was a great one though.  We made memories that we will never forget.  And on Sunday, we will celebrate Isabella's birthday with a huge party with all of our family and friends.  One last summer fling!  Stay tuned...


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