Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer 2012 - Part 1

Summer has been so busy!   We are having a blast.  Here are some highlights of the first half of summer 2012!

Summer Hill Block Party - we had so much fun with all of our neighbors at the block party.  There was face painting, a balloon artist and a DJ!

The Pools - We have been spending lots and lots of time at Summer Hill Swim Club and Hillendale.  We love being at HCC with Mason, Preslee and Finley.  The kids are little fishies. Isabella now puts her head under water and can kick from one end of the pool to the other using a kick board.  She also makes me so proud when she goes right up to other kids at the pool and asks them to play.  She is always "making new friends." Alex amazes me daily.  He can dive. He does front flips off the diving board.  When I asked him who taught him that one, he said, "Griff asked if I could flip and I said I don't know.  Let me try! And I can!" This summer he also swam for the 6-0 Hillendale Hurricanes.  He has quite a collection of ribbons from his freestyle, backstroke, and breast stroke heats.  He also won rookie of the year!  Zachary loves the water, just like his brother and sister.  He loves to sit and splash in the fountains.  Mommy and Daddy are also enjoying the Happy Hours at the pools with their friends too. 

The Beach - We have already been to the beach three times this summer.  Nana and Pop Pop just bought a condo on the beach!  It is perfect for the kids, especially Zachary.  When it is too hot out, I can sit up on the deck and still feel like I am on the beach!  We have loved being at the beach with our families and friends.  The kids have played in the ocean, built forts out of boogie boards, umbrellas and towels, had sleepovers at Grandma and Pop's with Jake, Sophie and Luke, visited Samantha and Eva in Bethany, gone to Ava's birthday bash on the beach, gotten "tattoos" at Fish Tales and treats at Candy Kitchen, and Mommy's favorite - stayed on the beach late in the evening.  Mommy and Zachary have even watched the sun rise over the ocean.

Fourth of July-The last Saturday in June, we met all of our friends at Jacksonville Elementary to watch the fireworks.  We staked out our land with lots of blankets and had quite a gathering of people.  The kids played on the playgrounds and ate snowballs!  Then on Sunday we headed to the beach for a week.  Jay and I have spent 9 of the past 11 Fourth of July's in OC.  Our kids have been there every year of their lives! We spent the day on the beach with our cousins and the Atkinsons.  Then we ate dinner at Hidden Harbor with our families and then went to the park to listen to music and watch the fireworks. Zachary was completely mesmerized.  And this year as we watched the night sky illuminated in color and listened to the patriotic music it was bittersweet as we remembered Aunt Mickey, Grandma Mela, and LoLo.

Play Dates, Camps and Sports- So far this summer, the kids have also kept busy with play dates, camps and sports!  Alex has been taking tennis lessons, he went to Camp Hillendale and Camp Invention.  At Camp Invention, his group created the BB (Balloon Buster) 6000, an invention that pops water balloons!  Alex was chosen to demonstrate the BB 6000, and it worked on the first try!  He also earned his Blue Belt in karate and participated in a Sparring Tournament. He has most his play dates at the pools where he meets up with kids from school and off he goes to swim or play on the playgrounds.  Kaitlyn and Isabella spend hours and hours at one each other's houses playing, doing crafts and sometimes getting into a little bit of mischief. (It sounded like a good idea at the time to use berry scented antibacterial gel as hair gel). It is one of my favorite pastimes to listen to the imaginations of those two girls (and Alex too) when they play together. Isabella went to camp at her preschool and to Ballet Camp with Finley.  The two beautiful Beynon girls stole the show in their recital at the end of the week! Even Mommy and Daddy have been trying new sports.  Daddy has taken up tennis, and Mommy is doing a Boot Camp to get back in shape!

Stay tuned for Summer 2012- Part 2!

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