Thursday, July 17, 2014

Two and a Half

Dear Zachary,

You are another 1/2 year older.  You act much older than your age.  You want to be big like Alex and Isabella.  There is no holding you back.  You want to do what you want to do when you want to do it.  You like playing with your "friends" and can hang with the big kids too.  You love to play "the cross"(lacrosse) and can scoop and throw like a champ. You are social and happy and full of much energy.

You weigh 26 pounds and are 35.5 inches tall.  You may not weigh very much but you are as tough as can be.  You love to wrestle and you fear no opponent.  You tackle Isabella, Alex, Daddy and even Uncle Steve.

You are a smart boy with a smart mouth.  You talk back to me.  You challenge me.  But you love me.  When push comes to shove you love your momma, even though you sometimes tell me you don't.  You just like to drive me crazy.  But then you will wrap your arms around my legs and look up at me with those big eyes and I melt.  I love in the mornings when I go get you from your crib you say, "Good Morning Mommy" and snuggle against my shoulder...even if it is only for a second before you run into Alex's room to destroy his latest Lego creation.

You talk nonstop.  You don't like to nap even though it is evident by your dinnertime meltdowns that you still need them. You love the beach and the pool. You insist on wearing your goggles or sunglasses. You want to be outside helping daddy and you love taking rides in the golf cart. Your favorite movies are Toy Story,  Beauty and the Beast and "100" Dalmatians.  You go pee on the potty (when you feel like it) and pick out your clothes and try to dress yourself. Yesterday you picked out an outfit and said, "This is cool.  I wear this." You insist on putting on your own shoes, and I have to force you to hold my hand in parking lots. You are Mr. Independent.  Mr. Big Shot.  

You are loving having Alex and Isabella home this summer. Isabella plays so nicely with you.  She is very patient with you for the most part.  And you follow around Alex and his buddies. They all think you are hilarious. They are your audience and laugh at everything you do.  Makes disciplining you a difficult task for mommy. You torment Alex and Isabella as only a little brother can...but they can never stay mad at you for long. If I discipline you, they rush to you and comfort you forgetting that just a minute ago you were pulling Isabella's hair or hitting Alex.  I say they are your protectors, and they are, but if I had to say what would happen in the future, I bet you will be the one who will have their backs in every situation. Probably cause you are always looking for trouble.

I love you My Little Turkey,

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