Saturday, November 17, 2007

i am thankful for....

my sweet little alex, who likes to sing "twinkle twinkle little star" and "santa claus is coming to town" into his microphone at the top of his lungs * my husband who is so handsome and is the cutest when he wears a baseball hat * my mom who is so strong and determined to set an amazing example for her children and grandchildren * my dad who is my superman and whose love is endless * my brother mike, who is the funniest person i know * my sister nicki, who is my "mommy role model" * my sister gabrielle, who doesn't realize it but is worth more than triple her weight in gold * my brother david, who has been a joy to watch grow up into a wonderful young man * steve, for being the sensitive loving "bair" that he is * my grandparents, who enjoy our little visits and never want us to leave * my nephews jake and luke, who are alex's playmates and brothers * my nieces sophie, preslee, and mason who are my reasons to buy pink and my hope for a daughter of my own someday * john and robin, who take such good care of us and have raised jay to be the person who he is today * my aunts, uncles, and cousins (there are too many to list but i love you more than the whole world), who have shown me the joys of having a large family * drew and laura, thanks to them, i now have three brothers and three sisters * jay's meme, who refers to me as her granddaughter * mark and peggy, who love me as their own * my 29 years with my grandma john - although it was not long enough * my friends, who i don't talk to or see as often as i would like, but i know are just a phone call away * my memories, of playing bakery in the sandbox, building tree forts, my first day of college, my rewards and frustrations of teaching, my perfect rainy wedding day, being pregnant, and my favorite of all - hearing the words, "you have a son" * and i'd be remiss if i forgot the little things in life, books, a glass of wine, freshly baked cookies, yankee candles, baby lotion, jay's warm hands, alex's feet, charlie, flip flops, the perfect summer day, a fire in the fireplace, coffee * i could go on and on all day, i truly have so much to be thankful for in my life...happy thanksgiving!


Peggy said...


Mark and I are thankful that YOU are in our lives. Not only have you made Jay happy, but you have brought Alex to us!

See you on Thanksgiving!

Love you,

Mela said...

There are so many of us that are thankful for YOU. You have brought me such happiness from the minute you were born. Even NJ cousins (like Phillis Anne) would ask when you were little---- "Tell me a Jamie story"----because you were always doing such cute and wise things! You have never stopped! Love you!!! Mela

Robin said...

...and I am thankful to be your MIL! Jay and Drew grew up so quickly, and although I always looked forward to welcoming some GIRLS into our family, and to becoming a "Nana", I feel very lucky to have become close to both you and Laura. I always knew Jay would grow into a wonderful man and husband, but you have made him a great Daddy, as well. Love you!!