Monday, December 3, 2007

Using Blue Bear for Good Not Just for Evil!

Alex is your typical toddler. He is possessive of his toys - the words MINE and NO come out of his mouth more times in a day than I care to count. He plays rough, sometimes too rough. Just ask Mason and Preslee (his 10-month old little girl cousins), who are crawling and getting into his things and climbing on him. He seems to no longer see them as little babies but his counterparts, which equals me constantly saying, "Be gentle with them." He is independent. He now likes to "read" his own books at night, which is so sad! He says, "I pick out a book. I read it!" And he is obsessed with putting toilet paper in the toilet and then flushing it over and over!

But tonight Alex did something not so typical of a toddler. He showed empathy, which if you ask me is a hard emotion for even some adults to show! I am having a rough night. I am not pregnant again this month. I was sitting on the floor in my room talking to Jay on the phone. I was crying. Alex walked over to me and made Blue Bear give me a kiss. He said, "Momma, Blue Bear make you feel better." How sweet is that!? And smart too! He was able to understand that I was feeling sad, and he knows that Blue Bear comforts him so he must be able to comfort me too! And even though his stinky lovey's kiss didn't really do the trick, the fact that my little boy can be so sweet and loving sure helped me get up and continue on with my night of bathing and playing with my most adorable little monster!


Anonymous said...

OOOH Jame I am so sorry!! But like I have said before you have such a wonderful little boy to fill your heart with so much JOY!! i love you more than words could ever the moon and back. You are an amazing mommy and an amazing big sister!! I am always here for you whenever you need me!!

The Beynon Family said...

Jamie: I am so sorry! I wasn't expecting that as I read your sweet story about Alex. He fills your heart and everyone who is around him. We had a great time visiting with you guys tonight. I promise not to tell Drew about any "injuries". We love you and are praying for your precious baby-to-be every night!

Robin said...

Alex really can help to smooth away the blues, can't he? He certainly fills my heart with joy whenever I think of him. I just walked back into our house and saw his toys which are still in the family room from Saturday night. Even seeing them makes me smile. And yes, he did the tiolet paper trick for me, along with reading bedtime books "by myself". His favorite book to "read" is the one where he gets to say "But Mama, But Mama." You are the love of that child's life because you are a fabulous mother. God's plan has been to give Alex your undivided attention for his first years. I feel certain that one day soon, Alex will be "reading" stories to a baby brother or sister. We love you, Jamie.

princealexsmomma said...

thank you all - your love and support mean the world to me. Keep praying!

Peggy said...

What a wonderful story. You are blessed to have such a special little boy. Always when we are around him, Mark and I can feel and see the love Alex has for you and Jay! Alex is a joy to everyone. We love you and know that God has plans for you - you'll see!

Lilli said...

Thanks for writing this.