Thursday, December 27, 2007


There are some things that remain a constant in my life no matter how old I get. They are little things, but they still warm my heart in a way that is almost impossible to describe.

My Poppy always puts his keys on top of the refrigerator whenever he goes to someone's house. I remember him doing this when I was little, and tonight I saw him reach up and get them off my mom's refrigerator as they were leaving.

My Grandma Mela always called her grandchildren kiddies as we were growing up and sometimes still does. And now she calls our children kiddies.

My mother always knows what to say to make me feel better without even trying. Tonight she told me how when she was shopping today, without thinking, she bought 5 little stockings for her grand kids for next Christmas. She only has 4 grandchildren to date. When she got home she realized she bought the 5th stocking, so maybe it is a sign. All I know is that for some silly reason it gave me hope that I will indeed have another baby.

Nat King Cole Christmas songs always remind me of my Grandma John.

Jay's hands are always warm no matter what the weather. And when I am feeling sad or lost all I have to do is hold his hand. I feel better immediately.

My dad will always have a dry sarcastic remark that will make his family laugh.

My dad will always be "that guy" out on Christmas Eve shopping for that last minute gift.

Nothing says Christmas like the smell of a fresh Christmas tree.

My faith - lately I have been getting very emotional when I am in church. I think it is because it is where I feel the closest to my Grandma John. But also, because I have realized how much my faith means to me, especially now that we are trying to have another baby. Without my faith I would have nothing to hold onto in this journey. Having a healthy baby is a miracle, and I truly believe only God can answer my prayers for a brother or a sister for Alex.


Anonymous said...

One of my constants is YOU. I can always count on you for a smile (and you have a great one, by the way!), words of encouragement, and love. I was telling Neil and Rachel just the other day, that it seems like yesterday (corny but true) when you were sitting on the living room couch (just a toddler) and Andy played his guitar and sang to you, "You Are My Sunshine." Thanks for being that constant sunshine for me. I love you and wish you and Jay (who also has a great smile) and Alex (hey--he has a great smile too!) all wonderful joy in 2008!!! LOVE YOU, Mela

Mom2Miles said...

What a great list! I'm sure this will be the year for Baby #2.