Sunday, May 11, 2008

Alex's First Haircut

Yesterday Alex got his haircut for the first time. It was very traumatic for him and for me as well! He cried as they were cutting it, and I wanted to shed some tears myself. Even though he is almost two-and-a-half, he is still my baby boy. It was one of the last "baby" moments we will have, except for potty training which he seems in no rush to do! I guess when you look at it that way, changing diapers is not so bad. I digress, as I often do! He looks adorable with his new do! He still has lots of curls. Yesterday he kept asking me to put his hair back on, but today he was proudly showing off his new haircut!

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Peggy said...

Jamie, as I've said before, he is the cutest! And, I love the haircut! I'm glad there are still lots of curls. What a great little boy!