Monday, November 3, 2008

2 Months Old

Isabella is 2 months old. She continues to be such an angel. She is sleeping through the night, so what if it is in bed with me and daddy. Speaking of daddy, her face literally lights up when she sees him. Same goes when she sees her big brother. He sings to her and talks to her and she smiles so big. I think she is starting to recognize us! She looks right in your face and coos and babbles, like she is really trying to tell you something. This month she took two trips out of state. The first was to New Jersey. Aunt Gabrielle watched her while we went to a wedding. And this past weekend, she made her first trip to North Carolina with Momma, Daddy, Alex and Nana and Pop Pop. She didn't make a peep in the car, except for the last 20 minutes of the ride home. Not bad for 12 hours in the car in three days! She also celebrated her first Halloween - she was a witch and a ballerina!

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Peggy said...

Precious photos. Isabella is a baby doll!