Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The past three days with Alex have been bliss. He has been loving, agreeable, and sweet. I am the best momma, Jay is the best daddy, and Izzy-Bizy (his new nickname for Isabella) is the best baby. He woke up Monday morning and informed me that he is now going to share his toys. And when his friend came over, he did just that. He was very good in school on Tuesday, calling for his friends to join him on the slide when in the past he was the only one allowed on the slide. Today he started a new My Gym class and didn't cry at all. Tonight when I told him it was time for bed, he asked, "Why do I have to go to bed?" I said, "Because it is late, and we have had a busy day." He picked up his "guys" and headed upstairs. Once upstairs, I told him to brush his teeth. He didn't argue about how long, who puts the toothpaste on the brush, how many drinks of water. He just brushed them and then let me help him get into the bath, wash his hair, and dress him in his pj's. He said his prayers with his hands folded like an angel and picked out his books - 6 of them - and when I was done, he held up his fingers for 3 more. I told him it was time for bed, and he said, "Okay, Momma. I love you. Please leave on my lights."

What a nice little vacation from the stinker he has been lately. I am sure that little monster will be back, and that is okay. But it has sure been a wonderful few days. It really helps me to see that as a mom, I am doing something right and that feels just plain great.

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Peggy said...

Oh Jamie, you are a wonderful Mom. Don't ever fret about that!
It's just a brand new time now for Alex!!! Out with the old ways, and in with the new!