Saturday, January 3, 2009

Alex-isms 2

Here is another installment of the funny things Alex says!

  • Alex put on his sunglasses the other day and said, "Lookin' goooood."
  • I asked Alex who made him so cute. He replied, "I did it myself." Later, I asked him again and he said, "Daddy." Then I asked him who made him so weird. He replied, "You."
  • Alex had his first bout of the stomach flu. After he threw up for the 3rd time he said, "I am broken." And after the 7th, he said, "I am messed up!" After the 10th, he didn't have anything to say!
  • Today we went to the Baltimore Aquarium. (Note: NO STROLLERS allowed - wish we would have known this little fact ahead of time). He said wistfully, "I wish I was a shark, so I could live in the Aquarium." Excuse us!
  • Afterwards we were walking around the harbor. Alex was eating an Italian ice even though it was 40 degrees out. I asked for some, and he said, "Momma, you just drink your water. You can get a snack when we get home." He did give me a kiss which he dubbed the "Strawberry Italian Ice Kiss."


The Beynon Family said...

He is a hoot!

Peggy said...

I love the "you can get a snack when you get home". That is too funny!!!

Anonymous said...

OOH are too much!! I love you to the moon:-)