Sunday, January 18, 2009

Alex-isms 3

Today my Alex-isms are in categories.

Bathroom Business (or Not)

  • Alex refuses to go to the bathroom on the potty. I accidently on purpose ran out of diapers. We tried going right to underwear, but he peed right through them and his pants, socks, shirt, and onto his chair. So, he is wearing pull-ups, which he claims hold a little bit of pee and poop. He says he will go on the potty when he is a big boy. He says that right now he is a small boy. And every time I say he is a big boy, he responds, "No, I am'nt. I am just a small boy." When I ask him when he will be a big boy he says, "In a couple of days..." He has been saying that for weeks.
  • The other day I took him to the doctor because he had a rash on his face. When we told him that he couldn't kiss Isabella he said, "But it is just so hard not to kiss her." Doctor V. said he could kiss her when the rash on his face went away. He said, "I only get rashes on my butt when I poop in my diaper and it is in there the whole day!" He sure has a knack for turning my words around - What I say to him when he doesn't want his diaper changed is, "If you sit in your poop all day, you will get a rash." He also told Dr. V. that I fell down the steps holding Isabella. I quickly added that it was only the last few steps and I didn't drop her! Hopefully there won't be a knock at my door from Social Services.
  • When I told Alex that if he went on the potty, I would be so proud, he said, "Yea. That's the spirit!"


  • When Alex says something mean, I always pretend I didn't hear him. I say, "I didn't hear you. I hope you didn't say something mean." His response? "I was just talking."
  • Or sometimes instead of saying the mean word (usually stinky or stupid), he will say, "You are a uhh. uhh."
  • But my favorite was the other day. I was bouncing him on my lap. He said to me, "Stop doing that. It makes me want to say a mean word." Well excuse me!

How Old Are You?

(Or as my sister says, "Not a Normal Three-Year Old")

  • We were heading home last Friday after being out all morning. I told him that my friend was coming over with her baby. Alex didn't seem too thrilled. I told him that Bryson was Isabella's friend so he could play in his playroom while they were over. He said, "Good. I really need some alone time."
  • When the wind blows he says, "The wind in my ears makes me crazy."


Mom2Miles said...

OMG, Alex is hilarious! He reminds me so much of Miles. Today I was driving fast because we were late & M. says, "Easy, Mommy! Easy on these bumpety roads." OK, Mr. Backseat Driver!

The potty thing is SUCH a pain. We are still dealing w/ that, too. Ugh! I'm going broke buying diapers by the pack because I refuse to buy them in bulk anymore!!

Robin said...

Alex IS so funny! Where does he come up with these comments? I love every minute of being with him and his Izzy Bizzy.