Friday, March 1, 2013

Isabella 4.5

Dear Isabella,

Another six months have come and gone in our lives, my girl.  You are getting taller and smarter and your hair is growing longer everyday. But as I went back and reread your letters from your fourth birthday ( and even from a year ago (, I realize that so many things have stayed the same.  You are still imaginative, and friendly, and loving.  You are still stubborn, sometimes to the point of infuriating. I absolutely love that you haven't changed all that much.  Your personality has been your very own since you were a baby.  I hope it never changes.  Even with a temper tantrum thrown now and then, you are perfect.

You have always been and always will be my social girl! You treat your brothers, cousins, and your friends like they are the center of your universe.  In actuality, I think you are the center of their lives.  You are the sun.  Your light and warmth radiate from that beautiful smile.  Everyone wants to be around you.  You are a leader, but a kind and fair one.  You include everyone and make them feel special.  Your imagination make games fun. Your sense of humor make bellies laugh.  Your knack for choreography make people dance.

At four and a half, you still love Gigi and stuffed animals, dancing and dressing up (but now you and Kaitlyn are adding make-up to your ensembles), baking and reading with mommy, crafts and girl movies, pedicures and bubble baths, yogurt drinks and mini muffins. You are still your daddy's girl and your Mommy's heart.

At My Gym with Finley

At Build-a-Bear with Mommy
Daddy's girl

At Beauty and the Beast with Alex
Valentine Playdate with Kaitlyn and Brynn
All dressed up!  
My Heart

Today when you woke up Alex sang half of "Happy Birthday to You." Kaitlyn spoiled you with a half birthday gift. Then you were off to school with a half birthday treat to share with your friends - pink sugar cookies that we baked yesterday.  After school, you had a play date with Kaitlyn. And now we are getting ready to open a few little half birthday treats from mommy and daddy and read some books before bed.

I love you so much my little sunshine.

Isabella - 4.5

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