Monday, October 1, 2007

Ten Tiny Toes

Tonight when I went up to check on Alex, I burst into tears. Who is that big boy who takes up most of the crib? Where is my tiny baby boy?

As I watched him, he let out a sigh as he often does in his sleep...a telltale sign that he is really out. I looked down at his feet which I think are the cutest feet in the world. I covered him up with his blank-blank and couldn't help but stand there a few minutes more. He just looked so peaceful. I looked back down at his feet and saw that he already kicked them out from under the blanket.

I thought, Ah-ha, he still is that same baby. Even as an infant, Alex hated having his feet covered up when he slept. Swaddling? Forget it. He would kick right out. When he sleeps in bed with us, he sleeps cuddled up with his feet resting on top of me. He has to have his feet out when he sleeps. He gets that from me.

He is growing up so fast. I cherish the moments where he reminds me that he is still my baby boy.


Anonymous said...

I love his feet!!!!!!

Be Inspired Always said...

Awwwww cute :)

little tiny feet.


Mom2Miles said...

I know exactly how you feel. In some ways it feels like last week that I brought Miles home from the hospital & now he's running & talking & looking more like a "big boy" every day! It's really a bittersweet feeling, isn't it, watching our babies grow up.