Friday, October 26, 2007

Life with a Toddler

I have been asked several times in the last 2 years if I ever get bored staying home with my son. BORED? Are you kidding me? I don't think I have had a dull least not since Alex has become a toddler.... defines a toddler as a person who toddles, esp. a young child learning to walk. And while yes this is true, what happened to the rest of the definition? What about the talking, the reasoning, the tantrums, the learning, the sense of humor, the energy, the improvement of both fine and gross motor skills, the constant exploration and discovery?
Anyone who spends time with a toddler knows that you can almost hear the wheels turning in their little heads. Alex, simply stated, amazes me everyday....

#1 His memory is outstanding
- When we make a right onto Timonium Road from York Road, he says, "My Gym." And sure enough there it is!
- He has many books,songs, and rhymes memorized and he asks for books by the titles now too!
- Yesterday, I asked him if he wanted to go to Wegmans or Giant and he said, "Wegmans. I get pumpkin sugar cookie." Not only did he remember the pumpkin sugar cookie from last week, he remembered where I bought it!

#2 His vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds
- I can carry on simple conversations with him. How could I ever be bored, when I have this little person to talk to all day long?
-On the down side, this morning as I was trying to put his clothes on him he said, "Get away from me." OUCH!

#3 - Houston, we have a sense of humor (as well as a little rotten streak)
- He was turning the tv on and off and on and off. I said, "Alex, stop touching the tv. Keep your hands off of it." He proceeded to take his blue bear's little arm and turn the tv on and off on and off. He then looked over at me and said, "Blue Bear push the button."

#4 - If only I could bottle up all that energy....
-Several times a day he says, "I run." And then he does.
-He loves the song, "You Got to Move It Move It" and will dance to it as many times as I can stand to listen to it.

#5 - Big and little
- Although he is still a big fan of the "gallop" he is really starting to get jumping. You should see him in a moon bounce or on a trampoline. The kid is a natural!
-He can take my house key and put it in the keyhole. I mean come on, I sometimes even have trouble with that one...

#6 - Hey! a leaf, a plane, a bird, a dog, a pumpkin, a car, a train.....
-Everyday Alex discovers something simple and yet wonderful. And I get to see the world through his eyes... what could be better than that!?


The Beynon Family said...

I often get asked the same question, "Aren't you bored at home with the girls all day?" No way! Preslee and Mason are right on the cusp of the things that you are experiencing with Alex now. We have been working on clapping hands all week and this week they both did it! They got it! I showed them something and they remembered how to do it. This will NEVER be boring!

Robin said...

I am constantly amazed by what Alex already knows and how well he can express himself at 22 months of age. He already has a great sense of humor, which is so much fun to witness. Jamie, you are a naturally terrific "Mama" (as Alex calls you), and I love watching you teaching him to observe and learn something new from whatever is around him at any certain time. Life with you and Jay and Charlie is never boring for Alex either!

Mom2Miles said...

He is so SMART!! "Blue bear push button." I can't stand it! Too funny.

Mela said...

Are you kidding me??? Bored???You're living the perfect life!!!! (I was actually just thinking that the other day).
It is hard to pick my favorite story, but #3---Blue bear taking the fall for playing with the TV is probably my favorite. He found a clever way to get what he wanted----how smart!

Love you all,

Anonymous said...

Reading what you wrote about my beautiful, to be with (great) grandson made me teary eyed. It also brought back memories of my first born grandchild you!You,Jay and Alexander are a great family and I love you all so much.
Grandma Mela