Saturday, September 8, 2007

An acre and a 1/4

Yesterday, Jay (my hubby) and I became the proud owners of an acre and a 1/4 of land filled with trees, rocks, and probably many small animals and insects. Move over creatures because the Beynons are moving in! We are planning to break ground in six months so we are in the process of picking out house plans. Talk about a daunting task. Lucky for us we have an amazing builder - my dad - yes, here I go singing his praises again.

WOW! I can't believe we actually own property in Baltimore County. I never thought it would happen. Growing up the daughter of a builder I have always dreamed of having my dad build a house from scratch for my family. And now it is going to happen. Jay says he is going to help in the evenings and weekends, which will be cute. I bet he will look pretty adorable in a tool belt. Maybe Alex can get his own little tool belt and help too! Now that would be a picture - my 3 favorite guys building the Queen (that would be me) her castle!

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