Thursday, September 6, 2007

When will fall be here?

Okay, admittedly I am a little slow to this whole blogging thing. But I have a lot to say, really I do.

It has been a busy summer - we have had some great times...many weekends and a few weeks at the beach with my hubby and little man and our extended families-(alex is a beach baby to the fullest extent - thank goodness or I don't know what I'd do- the beach is my haven!) .....a trip to Vegas and one to Chicago....and a lot of time spent outside on playgrounds, in swimming pools, and in our backyard. Alex is a wild man - I always say that he is either on or off (awake or asleep) he doesn't wind up or down. So I am tired all the time, but truly loving every minute of it, except maybe when he bites another kid on the playground! Really he is a sweet kid but loves to take little nibbles out of others. Really, that needs to stop!

There have been some serious heartaches this summer. Imagine my surprise in June when I found out I was preggo without even trying (boy, was my hubby proud of himself). And imagine my heartbreak a few days later when I lost my little baby. Although I only had a few days to love the baby, my heart was so full already that it literally broke when I found out. And then a few weeks ago, my dad found out he has prostate cancer. Talk about knocking the wind out of our sails. My dad is the most amazing, hardworking, funny, loving man in all the world (okay, maybe I am a little biased, but still). He just lost his mother a year ago today ( don't even get me started on the heartbreak associated with that subject) and he just doesn't deserve this! We are very optomistic that everything is going to be fine, it seems as if he is in the early stages, but it is still scary as anything I have experienced in my 30 years. So if anyone out there prays, please pray for my dad!

I need fall to be here. I need the cool, refreshing air to help me breathe again....

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