Wednesday, September 19, 2007


We have been so busy the last few days (or I should say months). Alex is on the go constantly. Between going to Stroller Strides, My Gym, the playground, walking around our neighborhood, and dancing to the Wiggles, we are always on the move!

Yesterday we were outside the house and Alex was collecting his usual sticks, leaves, rocks, and grass from the yard. I was sitting on the front steps just watching him explore. It is amazing to me how time is flying by.... He is such a little man. He is confident and fearless. He wants to go on the big boy slide at the playground, and do everything "myself" as he says. I really try to just take him is so wonderful to be able to learn everything again through his eyes. And what beautiful eyes they are - when he smiles his eyes light up and my heart fills up!

And as busy as we are and as fast as time is going by, I try each day to just memorize a little more of him. This is our time. My little boy and me. I will never have it back again. So each night as I read to him I hug him tight, and when he asks me to read "another one," I don't say no, because one day all too soon this time will be over. And as I put him in his crib and kiss him goodnight, I always say, "May God bless you," and as I walk away I always add, "because he sure has blessed me."


Mela said...

A beautiful entry and so true. Thankfully, at 16 Rachel still asks to cuddle and I never say no----I stop whatever I am doing! I never stop marveling over the fact that we created her and I never stop enjoying watching her grow and "create" herself.

princealexsmomma said...

This is an email from my mom.


I was able to get to the "blog." It is so true what you said. I loved watching you kids learn, discover, and enjoy the world around you. I have so many special memories I hold in my heart. I thank God everyday for the gift of my children. The love you feel for Alex is the unshakeable love you will have forever no matter what. Then comes the great gift of grandchildren. In them you have a chance to revisit in some ways your own children mixed with the awesome uniqueness of them. My heart is full with thankfulness to God for Alex, Sophie, Jake, and Luke!!!!! In them our world is new and full of promise!